If you like the stability of a flat-rate rewards card or need some time to pay off a large purchase, then the Chase Freedom Unlimited card might be just the one for you.

The card is one of the best cash back cards on the market because of its high rewards rate, sign-up bonus, and other perks. Check out our Chase Freedom Unlimited review below to learn more.

Chase Freedom Unlimited is a solid cash back credit card. With it, you will:

However, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card has its drawbacks. For instance:

Several banks offer credit cards with high bonus rewards rates on certain spending categories. Most fall back to one percent of non-bonus spending. And for most people, that’s the majority of their spending.

With the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, you’ll get 1.5 percent on every purchase every day; no tricks or hacks necessary.

Technically, your rewards will show up as points instead of dollars. That’s because Chase gives you a few different options when redeeming your rewards, such as:

Just keep in mind you won’t get as much value when you use your rewards for shopping than if you do the other options.

Before you take the plunge with the Chase Freedom Unlimited, check out some other top cash back credit cards. There are some on the list that even pay two percent cash back.

If the card’s cash back rate isn’t enough to entice you, consider the upfront incentives it offers. New cardholders will receive a $150 sign-up bonus after they spend $500 in the first three months.

What’s more, if you add an authorized user card and make a purchase during the same three-month period, you get an additional $25.

These bonuses are a great way for people who don’t spend a lot to earn a little extra cash. Many of the cards that offer bigger sign-up bonuses require thousands of dollars of spending rather than hundreds.

Some of the other perks the card offers include:

If you have a large purchase coming up or need to transfer a balance from a high-interest credit card, you’re in luck. With the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, you’ll get a full 15 months with no interest on new purchases and/or a balance transfer.

Just keep in mind that you need to make at least the minimum payment to keep the promotion. It’s also wise to pay off the full balance before the promotion ends. Otherwise, you may get stuck with a high interest rate on the leftover balance.

On the perks side of things, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card shines. It also has no annual fee. But if you plan to carry a balance or initiate a balance transfer, the rates and fees will eat into your rewards.

Once the introductory 0% APR promotion is over, the card’s APR jumps to a 15.74% to 24.49% variable APR, depending on your creditworthiness (as of April 2017). In other words, carrying a balance can sting.

If you plan to do a cash advance with the card, know that your APR on those transactions will be 25.74% (as of April 2017). What’s more, there’s no grace period with cash advances like with regular purchases; interest begins accruing immediately.

If you’re looking specifically to do a balance transfer, another card may suit you better. The Chase Freedom Unlimited charges five percent or $5, whichever is greater.

The thing is, most balance transfer cards charge only three percent, and there are a few that don’t charge a fee at all. Check out other top balance transfer cards before you apply.

Here are the Chase Freedom Unlimited card’s other fees you should know about:

Chase doesn’t share information on its website about the card’s eligibility requirements. But you can check to see if you’re pre-qualified for the card. Chase will run a soft pull on your credit, which won’t ding your credit score.

Keep in mind that pre-qualified offers aren’t necessarily a commentary on your creditworthiness. Even if the card shows up in the results, there’s no guarantee you’ll get approved. And if you don’t see the card on the list, that’s also no guarantee that you won’t get approved.

Essentially, it’s just a way to check to see if you meet certain criteria that give you a good chance at getting approved.

Chase’s application process for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card is clear-cut. Start by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on the card’s landing page. You’ll then start the application by filling out your name and address.

On the next page, you’ll be asked if you have a checking and/or savings account. Most major credit cards require that you have one or the other.

Other required information includes:

On the last page, you’ll be able to review the information you entered to make sure it’s correct. Once you submit the application, you’ll get one of two responses almost immediately. They’ll either approve your application automatically, or they’ll place the application in a pending status.

The pending status can mean a few different things:

If your application does go to pending status, you can call Chase’s application status line at 1-888-338-2586.

For the most part, current Chase Freedom Unlimited cardholders love the card. Credit Karma users have given it 4.6 out of 5 stars on average.

Several users were pleased with their credit limits and the card’s rewards program. Some users who started with low credit limits, however, noted that it was difficult to get a credit limit increase.

If you have questions about the Chase Freedom Unlimited card you can reach their customer service team at 1-800-432-3117. If you already have a Chase credit card, you can also call the number on the back of the card.

You can also reach out to Chase’s support team through social media on Twitter @ChaseSupport, or the bank’s Facebook page.